Manasuku Nachindi Movie Review

Sooraj (Sundeep Kishan) and Nithya (Amyra Dastur) area unit in search of true joy. they need simply delivered a shocker to their elders and area unit on their thanks to being wanderlusts.
Once in province, Nithya is in an exceedingly mood for a religious masthi. Sooraj, a devil-may-care guy, is AN educatee United Nations agency does not apprehend his true talent lies in photography.
Abhay (Arun Adith) enters the screen and our Nithya is instantly smitten. Nikki (Tridha Choudhury) enters the screen and our Sooraj is instantly smitten.
But at a time once the guy proves to the globe that he will become a lensman of sophistication nightlong, Nithya too realizes that she loves her long-time crony Sooraj. What follows area unit halting and half-hearted doses of a triangular story.
Directed by deb Manjula Ghattamaneni, ‘Manasuku Nachindi’ is meant to be a feel-good film. once it’s feel-good, there area unit bound tropes that our filmmakers invariably export in. These themes area unit typically related to made people’s lifestyle; a stint in province simply to get through time isn’t everyone’s luxury. The ideas area unit unoriginal, continual as they’re in film when such feel-good film. The sequences also are indulgent. These area unit the explanations why a number of America area unit terrified of these supposed feel-good ‘entertainers’.
Scene when scene, Nithya’s purpose of read is outstanding. Yes, it’s welcome. Even the male protagonist speaks in an exceedingly specific language. once Nithya desires to begin Yoga/Meditation categories, the hero tells her to undertake Zumba or cardiopulmonary exercise. Had it been a male director, perhaps, he would have laughed away her proposal, language that once in province folks favor to be at a Casino or a public house (factually right or wrong). Everything aforesaid, at the tip of the day, ‘MN’ is packed with modify cliches.
The proceedings area unit even oversimplified. Nithya looks to realize mental ‘nirvana’ therefore quick. even as Sooraj becomes a commendable lensman on a miraculous evening. perhaps such leaps of religion area unit expected to be uncritically toughened by the audience, as Nithya would tell time and once more within the film, Osho-style. Sorry, though.
The episode wherever Sooraj foams at the mouth when Priyadarshi humiliates him is that the solely moment within the half wherever the film truly presents a highpoint. Sai Madhav Burra’s language is informal and transient during this scene, maybe as a result of he’s solely reflective Manjula’s thought method.
The half is basically template-driven. The climax is seen from miles away. The done-to-death purpose of tardy realization infatuated is delivered in AN old style method within the motion picture.
Sundeep Kishan is spectacular in an exceedingly number of meaty scenes. when a slew of non-romantic movies, this is often a movie wherever he plays a devil-may-care guy. Amyra is gorgeous ANd with an ready script, she will be able to deliver product. Baby Jhanavi, Manjula’s female offspring, comes with AN accented Telugu. Tridha is wasted in an exceedingly unelaborated role. Adith Arun delivers a assured performance as Nithya’s damned crush. Punarnavi Bhupalam is body-shamed as a imaginary place. Priyadarshi, Nasser, Sanjay Swarup et al do AN okayish job.
Radhan’s music passes muster. Ravi Yadav’s motion-picture photography captures the picturesque fantastic thing about the locales here and there.



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