Tholi Prema Review

Aditya (Varun Tej) comes with this perspective of seizing challenges, particularly therefore once the opposite one challenges him. It’s love initially sight for him once he meets a adorned , innocent-looking, Varsha (Rashi Khanna) at once once a experience.
Varsha reciprocates her like to him once many coincidences. Everything looks to travel well till a tussle between Somu (Shivakumar Ramachandravarapu), Varsha’s senior at the school, and Aditya breaks out and ends up in a difficult scenario. Varsha’s reaction to that ends up in some sudden consequences.
What is the situation? however will Varsha react to it? Is she even in doing so? Is Aditya right in reacting to Varsha’s behaviour the manner he does? however long can it view their break-up to end? that is the half.
This is one in every of the few coming-of-age, characterization-based, love stories that Telugu cinema has created within the decade. Debutant director Venky Atluri comes up with meaty characters and during this, he could have the strengths of a Sekhar Kummala. If ‘Fidaa’ was Bhanumathi-centric, ‘Tholi Prema’ is Aditya-centric. The graph of the half is bound to bestow nuanced comparisons with ‘Fidaa’ for alternative reasons, too.
Compared to ‘Fidaa’, the pain purpose that drives a gulf between the lead characters is actually stronger here. this is often to not say that ‘TP’ outshines ‘Fidaa’, overall. The pain purpose during this film is lightened by the passage of your time (the film take a six-year leap once the interval). As such, Varsha has emotional on whereas the self-centric Aditya has been stuck in an exceedingly time warp. This ends up in some partaking moments within the climax that offer AN insight into Aditya’s mentality. he’s neither Mani Ratnam’s too masculine Varun (‘Cheliyaa’) nor Sandeep Vanga’s too techy Arjun (‘Arjun Reddy’).
He is Venky Atluri’s own chesty guy, the super-intelligent student World Health Organization secured sixth rank in EAMCET, the made guy World Health Organization was talented with wealth and handsome appearance by birth. this is often the rationale he talks concerning his equations with chocolates within the climax. It’s HIS story and therefore the director is unapologetic concerning it.
Varun Tej’s performance goes in AN ascending order and it is usually a and for him and therefore the film, too. Sporting a beard within the London episodes, Aditya, currently an expert, woos Sunaina (Sapna Pabbi in an exceedingly cameo) for the sake of it. However, deep down, he is hurt.Everything aforesaid, ‘Tholi Prema’ does not rise higher than cliches at several places. Those lechers at the terminal World Health Organization give simply once the hero needs to impress the woman, that indulgence of coke-cum-beer, that heroine World Health Organization busily reads a completely unique once she is least expected to, that mother (Suhasini Maniratnam in AN extended cameo) World Health Organization wades into their budding relationship, that ‘Jab we tend to Met’ feel, those strangers World Health Organization seem out of nothing simply once it rains and our hero needs to dance ritualistically, those prepared raw-materials that supply themselves once he needs to prepare some fast meals for her, etc, etc.
Varun Tej is not any dancer and there’s an excessive amount of of recreation within the film. this might are avoided a minimum of within the song that comes at once once Varsha tells him i like you. The mood of the song ought to are one thing else.
The entry of ‘Hyper’ Aadhi and senior Naresh (he could be a casteist as a result of, well, Aditya must be shown as evolved) breathes some freshness into the proceedings. The depiction of the contention between Aditya and Somu is mature. The Vidyullekha-Varun track works success. Dialogues like ‘Ekkuva premisthe discourage chestaru’ area unit incisive. What Sathyam Rajesh will in ‘Fidaa’, Aadhi and Priyadarshi area unit allotted to try and do here within the half.
Varun Tej is consistent in his delivery. many additional roles wherever he shows his perspective, he is known as The perspective Star. he’s conjointly handsome in an exceedingly completely different manner within the half. His dialogue delivery has improved lots. Rashi Khanna is sweet within the role of a lady World Health Organization takes her sweet time to reciprocate. She has meaty scenes in an exceedingly sizable amount and he or she does not thwart. Her efforts to appear throw pay-off. All alternative actors do a fine job, together with the woman World Health Organization plays Priyadarshi’s lover.Thaman’s background music are a few things. he’s at his inventive best for a rom-com. ‘Allasani Vaari’, the title track and ‘Ninnila’ work conjointly thanks to Srimani’s lyrics. martyr C William’s photography is outstanding. there’s ne’er a boring frame and therefore the visuals area unit therefore grand, whether or not it’s AN Indian school field or London. Navin Nooli’s piece of writing is top-notch.

Hero:Varun tej.
Music Director:Thaman.


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